It Was a Success!

Our first annual Food for Thought event in Fairfield County was a success. We met a health care professional, a psychiatrist involved in adminstering memory testing, who was not aware of the AFTD, who eagerly took the info and called me the next day to talk some more; FfTlogowe met a woman whose husband has FTD and she was not aware of anyone else in the area who had the disease; we met a women whose sister has FTD and she came to support the effort; we met a man who is a caregiver for this mother who is not sure what she has. We talked at length, answered questions, shared information and told him about a local Alzheimer’s support group.

Our thanks to Erkan Palik, owner of the Mediterranean Kitchen in Norwalk, who graciously hosted the event and offered to do it again. This is Erkan in the center, me on his left and my son Corey. BTW, the food is outstanding, go, eat, say hello to Erkan.  Erkan

We also want to thank the Harvey Family, Esther, Meghan, Shannon and Keith, from the CT FTD Foundation for their guidance and support. CTFTDsm