Excellent FTD Presentation

Rebekah Wilson, the Marketing Director at Arden Courts of Farmington, did a presentation at the CT Alzheimer’s Dementia Conference this past week, called “Frontotemporal Dementia; Behavioral Strategies”.

She talked about the differences between FTD and other forms of dementia, described the subtypes of FTD, discussed common behavioral expressions in FTD and strategies for managing behaviors.

She did a great job!

As a sign of the interest in FTD, the room was overflowing, I took my time getting to the room and ended up sitting in the hallway looking in via the doorway. I would estimate there were 75+ attendees.

I know Rebekah from the CT FTD Foundation Support Group that she hosts at Arden Courts and knew she was very familiar with FTD, but hearing her present made me realize she knows even more than I thought.