Vacationing with someone with FTD

This subject has come up at two of my support groups recently, as the vacation season approaches.

Travelling with someone with dementia requires knowledge and preparation. Not sure how to do it, what to consider, where to get help?

EvaSo, I asked the person who runs the business networking group I attend since she is a travel agent. I was surprised when she said that is part of her business, that she works with families to plan, make arrangements, and has a network of trained travel companions who specialize in Alzheimer’s and memory care.

According to her flyer, “They are skilled, trained and compassionate travel aides who will attend to your family member’s memory care needs while on vacation. Enjoy your vacation together as a family, not as a caregiver. Rest assured that your loved ones are being genuinely cared for by our trained travel aides while you and they enjoy a wonderful, relaxing and stress-free family vacation.”

Her name is Eva Greenwald and her company is Eva’s Best Travel and Cruises.

Here is a link to her Alzheimer’s flyer for Eva’s Best Travel and Cruises.

Eva will be attending the July 10th meeting of the Norwalk Senior Center Caregiver Support Group to talk about her services.  The meeting starts at 10:30am, 11 Allen Road, Norwalk, CT. For more info, contact Lynn Westfield at