Legal Documents – Getting the POA and Health Care Directives in Place

Alz LFrom the Alzheimer’s web site: “Legal documents help ensure that the wishes of the person with dementia are followed as the disease progresses and make it possible for others to make decisions on behalf of the person when he or she no longer can.”

Plus you as the caregiver can then get access to finances and make other decisions that you might not have anticipated would have to be made.

I ran into that when the company I retired from changed the way they provided medical coverage, the health care company administering the plan insisted on speaking to my wife. I faxed over the POA and was then able to sign her up for her coverage.

Here we are 3 years later and just this past week had to use the POA on two occasions.

I almost waited too long. I remember being at the attorney’s office hoping she would be able to acknowledge what he was saying and sign her name.

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