“Using the iPad with a Person who has Dementia” Seminar

iPad - Diane - Arden - Aug2015 06Being a computer technology consultant and being in the field for over forty years, shortly after my wife was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia, I began looking for ways to use technology to help her.

After some trial and error, I began using the iPad and created a home screen of activities combining, apps, links, games, videos, pictures and more, which we use when we are together.

It helps with engagement, communications and having something to do together. She reacts, laughs, smiles, enjoys the activities we do. She recognizes the old TV videos we watch on YouTube, laughs at the comedy albums we listen to, enjoys creating pottery, getting high scores on the games we play and listening to music.

Since mid-2015 I’ve been doing seminars talking about how I use the iPad, the process by which I created a customized set of activities and advice on how to proceed if someone is interested in pursuing it with their loved one.

For more information, visit my web site at www.TechForCaregiving.com, or send an email to ed@techforcaregiving.com.

Ed Fitzgerald