Dementia and Driving Resource Center

One of the more difficult things to deal with is telling someone with FTD that they can nodriving longer drive.

I was lucky. The MD who diagnosed my wife told me that she would be the one to tell her not to drive. She would be the bad guy.

Whenever my wife said she wanted to drive, I would tell her that Dr. B said she shouldn’t and that we would ask at the next visit if it would be OK. My wife wasn’t happy and reluctantly accepted the fact that it was beyond my control. Plus she felt there was some hope that at the next visit things would change. As time passed, my wife stopped asking.

Liability is a big issue. I hear caregivers say that their loved one only drives a mile to the local market. A lot can go wrong in a mile, in the driveway, in a parking lot.

The Alzheimer’s Association has put together some guidance on how to deal with the driving issue.

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