Seek support from other FTD or Dementia caregivers

You can great advice and tips from other caregivers. There is the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, as well as comfort in knowing you are not alone, that other people have been there too. And sometimes they may even make you laugh, or just feel good, at a time when you need it the most.

As you look through this list, keep in mind that not all groups are the same. Try a group and see if it is the right fit for you. I left the first group I went to after a couple of months, then found a group that was right for me.

Group Meetings

  • There are groups that meet in NYC and in Farmington, CT that are specifically for FTD. Both are groups I have gone to, here are the details.
  • There is a Dementia Caregiver Group that meets at the Norwalk Senior Center, not specifically FTD, but I generally attend. Details.
  • I am in the process of starting an FTD support group in Fairfield County if there is enough interest. Contact me if you are interested.
  • Look for an Alzheimer’s group. There are groups that meet in Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, Fairfield, here is the list for all of CT on the CT Alzheimer’s Association site, along with the contact info and the type of group, some may be for men, women, spouses only, etc.


  • There is an active FTD spouse support group on Yahoo. I am a member, have not participated much but do see the posts and there is good interaction. Here are the details.

One on one

  • The AFTD offers something called Informal Caregiver Connections. Register for the program and they will connect you with another caregiver, first checking to make sure you and the other caregiver agree to be introduced. Contact them at or 866-507-7222.
  • I have not formally participated in that program, but have connected one on one with people who have found me online. It has proven to be effective. I am currently in touch with someone from NYC whose spouse was recently diagnosed, she is exploring care options, she and I have not met in person, but have exchanged emails and talked on the phone. Feel free to contact me.