Fearless Caregiver Conference 2016 takes place in Wallingford at the Oakdale Theater on Nov. 3.

flyer I’ve been to it 3 times over the years and have found it very worthwhile.

There are vendors from home health care agencies, assisted living, the Alzheimer’s Assoc, CT state agency on aging, etc. you have the opportunity to ask questions, get info.

The speakers have been good and informative. They run it in an interactive way, bringing the mic into the audience and encourage questions and discussion.

The brothers who run it, Gary and Steven Barg, who started Caregiver Magazine, are passionate about what they do. It tends to feel like a big support group.

Here is a link to the agenda. It ends at 2:30 but if you had to leave early you would still get value from attending. Caregivers go for free, professionals pay.

Here is a  link to the main page where you can register.

Click here for the flyer.