Preparing for the holiday season – Plan ahead

This can be an especially tough time of the year when caring for someone with dementia.

Thinking ahead and reading through the tips below may help.

So much depends on the stage of the disease and how the family, friends are reacting to it.

Now that my wife is in the advanced stage and having been through a few holiday seasons, it’s become somewhat easier to plan, but each year is different as the disease and other circumstances evolve.

For Thanksgiving, I’ll celebrate with her at the assisted living facility. They have a special luncheon that day. Then possibly take her to a family celebration, but I’m thinking about the chaos, the kids running around, the activity and how she will react to it. Fortunately, my oldest son has a spacious house, there are places to go to get some quiet time if needed. Plus he is only a 45 min drive from the assisted living facility.

turkHere are some tips from the Alzheimer’s Association –  Holidays and Alzheimer’s Families

To quote from the Alzheimer’s article, “Take a deep breath. With some planning and adjusted expectations, your celebrations can still be happy, memorable occasions.” I wish that for you.