AFTD Awareness Ad Appeared in the Sunday NY Times on 9/25

With support from a generous donor, this new AFTD awareness ad
appeared in the main section of the Sunday New York Times.


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World FTD Awareness Week 2016

World FTD Awareness Week is September 25 – October 2. Global collaboration is the best way to improve quality of life for people facing FTD — and to drive treatment toward a cure. Together, we can bring hope for a future in which FTD is effectively diagnosed, treated, cured, and even prevented.

For thlogoe second year, we are joining together to mark a common week for advocacy to raise awareness of FTD, and the need for a comprehensive, collaborative response. For all those whose lives have been touched by FTD, that response cannot come soon enough.

Wherever they live, families deserve hope for a future in which FTD in effectively diagnosed, treated, cured, and ultimately, prevented.

Go to the AFTD site for more information about events and what you can do to participate.