Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Educational Newsletter

PSP is considered an FTD disorder based on our understanding of underlying biology and the location in the brain of the disease pathology.

FTD Partners in Care

In this issue of Partners in FTD Care, the AFTD focuses on PSP education materials. Learn useful information about how to handle challenges resulting from loss of balance and dysphagia. The included What to Do About feature offers concise tips on PSP for health professionals and caregivers alike.

Source: AFTD Web Site

AFTD Newsletter

From the AFTD web site ….

newletter tn“The Fall 2014 issue of the AFTD newsletter is here! Items of interest in this issue include: details about the exciting news that NIH will be awarding FTD researchers $30 million over the next five years; “Spotlight” on Board Member Gail Andersen; an overview of the 9th International Conference on FTD; and the new Susan Marcus Memorial Pilot Grant for Clinical Research. Click here to access the newsletter.”